1. Fences and Walls: We kindly require that no fences or walls be constructed or altered in front of the minimum building setback line (the side wall of your home).
  2. Vehicle Parking: To maintain the aesthetics of our community, we ask that trucks, trailers, automobiles, and other commercial vehicles bearing advertisements refrain from parking or being stored on residential property or public streets. However, exceptions are made for delivery purposes. If these vehicles are kept within a garage or a fenced or screened serviced yard, away from public view, they may be permitted. Commercial business and/or activity that traffic, store, or maintain cars, trucks, and/or trailers on a residential property is against parish code and is strictly prohibited.
  3. Overnight Parking: Overnight parking on public streets is not permitted. We strongly encourage/enforce off-street parking to accommodate residents, visitors, and your residential employees. Parking/Placing ANYTHING on the street that obstructs or causes an unsafe situation is against parish code and you will be held responsible for all unfortunate accidents and/or incidents. This includes cars, boats, and trailers of any kind.
  4. Trash and Garbage Receptacles: Please ensure that trash and garbage receptacles remain obscured from public view at all times, except during collection or disposal days. Additionally, these receptacles and any on-site disposal areas should be screened from public view, including streets and neighboring properties.
  5. Livestock and Poultry: Keeping livestock or poultry on the premises is against parish code and is not allowed.
  6. Noise: The playing of loud and/or noise-creating events before 7am or after 10pm is against the parish noise ordinance. Also, please be respectful of your neighbors outside of those time frames.
  7. Temporary Structures: Temporary structures such as houses, trailers, tents, garages, shacks, barns, or trucks should not be used as residences or commercial places of business on any lot, whether temporarily or permanently.
  8. Advertising Signs and Unsightly Objects: We kindly request that no advertising signs, billboards, unsightly objects, or nuisances be erected, placed, or allowed to remain on any lot. Political candidate signs are only allowed during election time frames.
  9. Lot Maintenance: To maintain the orderly appearance of our subdivision, each lot owner is responsible for keeping their lot presentable. Regularly trim grass and overgrowth, and avoid leaving unsightly boxes, cans, rags, or other debris. DO NOT blow or throw your lawn debris in the streets or canals.
  10. Boat docks: may be constructed but can only extend 12 feet into the rear easement provided for the canal or 5 feet for those lots bound by lakes.
  11. Short-Term-Rentals: are AGAINST local ordinances and are illegal in Eden Isles.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining the beauty and harmony of your/our community! ????????