The Eden Isles Homeowners Association (EIHOA) is a support and advocacy organization working towards the betterment of our island paradise. The association was formed in 1974 to provide homeowners a means to address issues affecting their quality of life and property values.

Eden Isles home owner’s association works closely with the architectural control committee, the sheriff’s department, and St. Tammany parish code enforcement to resolve issues that concern our members.

The EIHOA has established itself as an organization dedicated to providing services that the parish does not. As a result of our proactive approach to solving community problems the EIHOA has provided the following solutions:

  • Cutting and maintaining our park grounds.
  • Provides security cameras at each entrance in lieu of the expense & aggravation of having the streets gated.
  • Purchasing and installing high-quality, prestigious street signs to enhance the status and property values within our island paradise.
  • Conducted laboratory testing of our drinking water to ensure water quality and safety.
  • Conducted laboratory testing of our waterways to ensure swimming and fishing safety.
  • Went before the parish council to pass an ordinance prohibiting aircraft from landing on our waterways.
  • Went before the parish council to pass a zoning change to designate Unit 4 as a single-family residential community.
  • Lobbied to establish a lighting district to provide street lighting within Eden Isles.
  • Lobbied local and state politicians in 1987 to prevent the state from closing the Hwy-11 bridge across Lake Pontchartrain.
  • Lobbied to prevent the Landmark developer from making Eden Isles Dr. the main traffic corridor between highway 11 and Interstate 10.
  • Won its fight to eliminate a drainage tax that funded a pumping station that did not provide any benefit to Eden Isles.
  • Convinced the parish of the need to repair the Moonraker bridge that had fallen into disrepair.
  • Took the lead in neighborhood recovery following hurricane Katrina.
  • Supports and works with groups to look for ways to provide storm surge protection for Eden Isles.
  • Maintains the Eden Isles Website,
  • Publishes and distributes a newsletter providing information to its members.
  • Had the parish stripe Eden Isles Dr. for a bike & walking path.

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