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Be part of the Associations!

You can send us an email from the "contacts link" on the home page or call one of the board members listed.  We thank you for considering Eden Isles your home and helping to make it a great place to live for everyone. 



Be part of the waterfront living life!

(Click here for a Membership Form)
Membership is open to all property owners, residents and those wishing to support our community.  It is the best $10/month investment you can make in keeping Eden Isles a great place to live.



Volunteer to serve on our board!

We continually need new volunteers to serve on our board of directors and committees.  Please attend the quarterly homeowners meetings to keep up with the news and volunteer to help if you can.  Volunteer homeowners make up our board of directors & committees. 



Membership Payment and Dues

Please use the available link below to make a payment for membership or payment for dues. Please contact our office you have any questions. 


Be Part of the Associations today!

Why do we need a Homeowners Association?

Please mail your annual dues of $120 to the Eden Isles Homeowners' Association, P.O. Box 2746, Slidell, LA  70459.   Kindly include your phone number and email address.   If you moved in during the year, you may prorate the dues if you wish for the first year.  Members are the first to be contacted when important issues come up.

* To organize & collect funds for maintaining the common grounds, like cutting the grass.
* Maintain and improve the entrance & street signage.
* Seasonal landscaping & decoration of the neighborhood entrances.
* Publish the Eden Islander newsletter to keep everyone informed.
* Provide a website to make finding important info a snap and to post time sensitive news.
* Neighborhood civic activities and meetings.
* To serve as a liaison of 1200 households strong when addressing our governing agencies.
* Help maintain the peaceful coexistence of neighbors & property values via reference to the Covenants.